About Us

Our Coaching Philosophy

• An Integral Approach:
Coaching is an iterative system that produces change and results at different levels simultaneously in order for You  to reach realization

• The Self-Efficacy Assumption:
You can do with whatever capacity You have. You can use Your own potential to create an ideal future and take action to achieve the necessary specific steps

• Alignment Approach:
The simultaneous process of inquiry and self-awareness gets in line Your capacity, values, vision, goals and actions together with the right people in order to succeed

• Cognitive-Behavioral Based:
The coaching process attacks the ingrained pattern of limiting beliefs and sabotaging reactions and aims at conscious choices and goal-oriented attitude and behavior

• A Thinking Shift Paradigm:
This inside out transformation brings about a gain in perspective as the coaching process challenges cognitive biases and distortions and a narrow schematic of the world


Our Coaching Program will help You succed with this!


About Carina

Our Program Designer, Carina Veracierto is a MA Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. Originally from Argentina and in America since 1989, Carina has spent almost 30 years studying human behavior. She firmly believes in our power to change and lead a purposeful life regardless past circumstances and present challenges.


Bilingual ICF Certified Coach – MBTI/EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Certified – Over 17 Years Teaching/Training Experience with Private Practice in Chicago, Public & Business Schools in the US & Argentina.

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