7 Steps

Your Call 7 Steps in a snapshot

Your Call: 1 Hour a Week for 7 Weeks. A weekly action plan with mindfulness, awareness and practical skills’ exercises is included in every Step. Follow the 7 Steps or pick your Step and go to the exercises page.

Step 1 – Snap out of it

Track a downright experience and create positive emotions and relationships with renewed appreciation every single day.

Step 2 – Visualize your best you

Recall a time of peak performance and absolute flow to gain confidence as you draw yourself forward towards a preferred future.

Step 3 – Align your core

Trigger a powerful change reaction as you set straight and follow consistently your true values, strengths, goals and the right people breaking the chain of habitual inertia.

Step 4 – Uncover Self-efficay

Reframe your mind and perspective of the world. Exploit the capable doer in you as you grasp the belief that you can really do with who you are right now.

Step 5 – Set Action

Keep moving beyond disruptions, toxic people, competing demands and limiting habits as you draw your energy and attention into the everyday action steps to achieve your goal .

Step 6 – Reroute attitude & behavior

Incorporate emotional Intelligence strategies to regulate the emotions that actually play in everything you do. Gain a new level of knowledge and a set of skills to express yourself and manage relationships. Learn goal-oriented behavior to replace sabotaging thoughts, attitudes and actions.

Step 7 – Support yourself

Master self-management through a consistent set of tools to stay on course as you face the inner challenges and roadblocks along your path. Enlist the people you need to live purposefully every day.

Stuck on any Step? Set up a Coach call for 1 extra hour a week.

Coach Call is a customized coaching service. Get an extra hour of support to free yourself when you get stuck in any of the Your Call 7 Steps.

No Time for a Program? Do the Quick Win Action plan.

Acquire a new level of knowledge and ability to enhance your attitude, behavior, communication skills and relationship patterns.

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