Change Your Day: Go To Basics

Change Your Day: Go To Basics

Self-Awareness: Answer The Questions To Yourself Honestly

What is the first thing you experience as you wake up? How do you feel physically and emotionally? Do you feel well rested, peaceful, happy, excited…or do you still feel tired, stressed, unhappy, afraid and dreading the day? What comes into your mind first? Are your thoughts about the day, yesterday or the future? What do you see around?  Who is there with you? How do you connect with the immediate people in your life? What is the wakeup routine or drill?

What is the first thing you do? How does your day unfold? Are you an active participant or are you in autopilot? What are your different roles throughout the day? What are your activities and responsibilities? Do you have a balanced day or does everyday life overcome you? How do relationships at home and socially play out into your day? Are these fun, loving, peaceful, interesting, exciting, fair…or routine, demanding, boring, unbalanced, even hurtful? What about work?  Are these interactions productive, engaging, challenging…or disruptive, demanding, unfair, draining…?

How does your day feel to you? Do you experience a sense of belonging and accomplishment? Or do you find yourself bored, ruminating and drifting away? Do you have time for yourself or what you like to do? Do you get any alone time or too much? Do you have time to relax, exercise and be healthy? How do you unwind? Who is in your life then? Do you feel grateful or defeated as the lights go off?


Self-Management: Change The Answers You Don’t Like

You are the one that can find new answers and change your day. Everything in the end is about you no matter how the world rolls. You can undergo an inside-out transformation defying the engrained pattern of negative thoughts, self-defeating emotions and consequent sabotaging behavior.  At the core of your recurrent nasty thoughts are the worst beliefs about you and others, the real inner obstacles of resistance that can be substituted with the belief of self-efficacy, a renewed confidence in yourself and an unbiased perspective of the world. Counterproductive emotions like constant anger, paralyzing fear, unhappiness and your everyday self-victimization mode will be then replaced with moderate productive emotions, conscious choices and goal-oriented attitudes. External constraints can be redefined as roadblocks along your change path within a life-long learning mindset mode. You can learn to flow no matter what your circumstances are, to keep a positive outlook and to experience yourself and others with honesty and acceptance. Just go to basics, get in touch with your most primitive beliefs, the ones rooted in the past and now useless, and redefine yourself with an updated adaptive fair schema of yourself and the world.

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