Pull it Together

Pull it Together

Change: The Tug-of-War Game

You are pulling in one direction against an opposing force: YOURSELF. Clearly there are external constraints and the world as it is, The toughest challenge however is to overcome yourself: self-doubt, sabotaging emotions and behaviors, low appreciation for your own person, a biased perspective, counterproductive beliefs, your comfort zone, competing commitments…


Pull it Together

Overcoming self-Doubt: No genes attached

Advances in Neuroscience have turned upside down the relationship with your genes. The fact that genes do not determine once and forever behavior gives you the chance to be whoever you want to be. The fact that genes are actually being influenced constantly by your thinking and habits, makes both change the rule and your choice.

Overcoming competing commitments: Take action

The distance between your ‘I will” and execution is one of the most common and biggest challenges. Yes, there are always gong to be other important commitments in your life and pressure around you to maintain the status quo. Simply take that first action step towards what you need to learn, accomplish, finish, share or experience to grow or feel great about yourself.

Overcoming timing issues: The right people

You do not have to do this alone and you probably cannot. You can certainly get the support you need whether that means delegation, inclusion, teamwork, partnership or a coach. Your relationships will flourish when you actually start asking yourself and the people in your life for what you need, set clear boundaries and let go of control.

Overcoming the comfort zone: Prioritizing your goal

You are right. Having already a life full of responsibilities and a clever way to handle those is already a major accomplishment. Being thankful for what you have is fundamental. Being there for others is meaningful. Taking that first step was major. Surrounding yourself with the right people very smart. However, you start losing fuel and give into the old habits. Prioritizing and scheduling your new goal will take care of the going back and forward and save you the necessary energy to succeed.



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